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Internship and Externship Opportunities

Internship and externship programs through Lovegevity’s Wedding Planning Institute can be some of the most rewarding experiences of your education and career. LWPI provides a breadth of opportunities, from working with a variety of vendors and learning the details behind each type of business within the wedding and event planning industry to working directly with new bridal clients with the guidance of a seasoned professional.

Many students find an internship or externship experience to be a great time to explore new places. From California to New York or the Netherlands, LWPI's partners and facilities are found in some of the most desirable destinations in the world. But it's the projects you'll work on that really make the difference to assist in your career goals and direction.

To apply for the internship/externship program, visit:


What is an externship?

Externships are experiential learning opportunities, similar to internships, offered by educational institutions to give students short practical experiences in their field of study. Externships are generally shorter than internships and last for approximately two days to a few weeks. Since they are less extensive, they are not usually given any academic credit. Due to the short duration, externships can be easily completed during a student’s spring and summer breaks or even during a January interim.

Externships can be viewed in terms of job shadowing. Externs are closely supervised and are walked through the day-to-day routines at the company or organization. The experience allows students to apply their coursework learning to a real life setting. They can be viewed as external studies, which combine classroom knowledge with real-world experience. This knowledge prepares students for the transition from school to career.

Externships can lead to opportunities after students complete their studies. They can help pre-graduates get their foot in the door for possible job opening or even make them better candidates for aggressive internshipopportunities. The goal of an extern is to become familiar with new professions and job fields. Externships are also a source of networking contacts once a profession is chosen.

What is an internship?

An intern is someone who works in a temporary position with an emphasis on on-the-job training rather than merely employment (SIH-199), making it similar to an apprenticeship. Interns are usually college or university students, but they can also be high school students or post graduate adults seeking skills for a new career. Student internships provide opportunities for students to gain experience in their field, determine if they have an interest in a particular career, create a network of contacts, or gain school credit.

An internship may be paid, unpaid or partially paid (in the form of a stipend). Internships may be part-time or full-time; typically they are part-time during the university year and full-time in the summer, and they typically last 6–12 weeks, but can be shorter or longer. The act of job shadowing may also constitute an internship.

How do LWPI’s internship and externship programs work?

An internship or externship is an opportunity for you to get hands-on experience in wedding and event planning and to further develop your skills. Doing an intern or externship enables you to connect the knowledge and skills you have gained from your academics and apply them in a work setting. Doing an intern or externship enables you to draw from your work experiences to inform what you have learned in the classroom.

In addition, an intern or externship lets you:

  • determine if you enjoy working in a specific area of interest within the wedding & event planning industry
  • get an insider's look at different employers
  • make those important professional networking connections with people who may hire you in the future or be able to refer you to people who are able to hire you
  • begin to develop the skills you'll need for a successful transition from certified graduate to professional

 What should I consider before doing an internship or externship?

  • what you hope to get out of the experience
  • what skills and knowledge you bring to the intern or externship
  • expectations your faculty advisor will have if you are doing the intern or externship for job placement
  • expectations of your intern or externship site supervisor
  • the type of organization where you're doing your intern or externship
  • the number of hours a week you spend at your intern or externship

What you will get out of your intern or externship is a learning experience - one where you will polish your existing skills and develop new skills. You'll also get an edge on the competition when it comes to securing employment.

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