Wedding & Event Internships

Learn from the very best with first hand wedding planning experience.

At Lovegevity, we believe in providing our qualified students with a unique and tailored learning experience. This experience includes the opportunity to identify, develop, and engage in internships aligned with their educational goals, career objectives, and academic requirements.

Additionally, our students may choose to participate in extraordinary events like New York Fashion Week or high-profile celebrity weddings, providing them with a world-class, hands-on learning opportunity.

Wedding Planning &
Event Management Internships

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Unlock Valuable Learning Opportunities
Lovegevity's internship programs offer diverse experiences that can include shadowing, hands-on learning, and potential job placement. By participating in these internships, students gain real-world experience and have the chance to earn academic credit, Continuing Education Units (CEUs), and a certificate of completion for each internship.

Building Your Professional Portfolio
As part of our commitment to your success, Lovegevity provides students with letters of recommendation, testimonials, and event photos from the weddings or events they contribute to. This valuable content helps you build a professional portfolio that sets you on the path to success.

Customized Career Development
Lovegevity believes in the power of customizing your learning journey. Students can create custom internships that align with their career goals and local market opportunities. This ensures that your education is tailored to your unique objectives.

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To become a student or intern for an upcoming event, all you need to do is join WedTech Academy. Your journey to hands-on experience, skill development, and career advancement begins here.

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