10 Creative Ways to Ask, “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?”



10 Creative Ways to Ask, “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?”

Asking someone to be a bridesmaid in your wedding party can be hard. It’s as stressful as asking for someone’s hand in marriage if not more so. From butterflies to the nagging fear, they might say no and other wedding preparations can cause sleepless nights.However, asking your best friends to stand next to you at the altar should be fun and stress-free. Getting such a call is a great honor. The reality is, you can add a dose of fun when staging a bridesmaid proposal. You shouldn’t sweat the little details but a little planning will make sealing the deal easier.Here’s how to ask your closest friends to be your bridesmaids in just a few fool-proof steps.

Pick Your Squad

First, you need to decide who will fit well into your bridal party. Most brides start with siblings, the in-laws, as well as their closest friends and relatives. You could also pick from workmates and close neighbors.The trick is to choose people you trust or have enjoyed a good relationship with over the years. You should take some time and think very hard, especially when selecting the maid of honor. In addition, ensure that the size of your squad is proportional to your groom’s wedding party.Guys can also feature in your bridal party. Bye! Bye! Restrictive gender rules, hello bridesmen! With matching colored suits and shoes non-the-less. If you have besties that happen to be guys, include them. Their gender isn’t important; what matters is the relationship you’ve shared through life.Be a Little FormalFormality adds a level of seriousness to any action, and it also has its charm. For one, it feels like a contractual agreement. As such, whoever you request to be a bridesmaid takes it as a serious responsibility. You can ask them in person if they’re locally available. If they aren’t around, a phone call,

FaceTime or Skyping can suffice.

Sending a text or email is not highly recommended. Remember, asking someone to be your bridesmaid is a huge deal so your approach shouldn’t be too casual. When you take the time to schedule a meeting or a phone call, you show your bestie that you value them and they’ll take the responsibility more seriously.Deliver a Balloon or Flower Bouquet to Each MaidFlowers have a way of melting the heart of a recipient. There are no rules for flower bouquet sizes. Therefore, a smaller bouquet won’t be offensive. No potential bridesmaid can say no to a balloon. There are many ways to play with balloons as well.You can send you bestie a custom balloon with the question printed on the surface. Add a twist to this by hosting a balloon popping party where the question is inside the balloon. In essence, they get to pop the question and answer it in one fair go. Potential bridesmen will especially enjoy this fun activity.

Gift a Ring Pop

A ring pop gift comes out of fairy tale storybooks. They are an adorable and thoughtful way to propose to your besties. You can personalize them to include the name and picture of the intended bridesmaid. They also feature a glittering cardboard ring on the center that pops out when you open the box. When your bridesmaid opens the lid, they’ll see an adorable message like, “Now I get to pop the question, will you be my bridesmaid?”

Create Custom Champagne or Wine Labels

When life is hard, you sit down with your besties over a glass of wine. Likewise, when life is great, you get together with your homegirls to pop some champagne. That said, sending your bridesmaid proposal on the label can be a great idea. To add some fun to the mix, you can even drink the gift together.Gather All Your Girls for a Mani-Pedi DateYou probably bond with your girls during Mani-Pedis and personal spa days. Therefore, you can treat your potential bridesmaids to a Mani-Pedi date and ask them that critical question.Host a Dinner Party at Your Place or Take Them Out for BrunchThrough the centuries, loads of deals have been struck over good food and pleasant company. It’s just a great way to ease into any subject and get the desired response. Therefore, if you want a resounding yes from your bridesmaids, you can host a dinner party or take them out to brunch.

Attend a Workshop or Class Together

From cooking, pottery, painting to creative writing, there’s an endless list of workshops and classes you can attend with the squad. However, flowers go hand in hand with weddings. You can schedule a private floral arrangement class and invite all your besties.To make it fun, you can attach notes asking that vital question on one of the flowers in each working station. This adds a lot of creativity, thoughtfulness and fun to the whole affair.Send Bridesmaid Boxes for a Long-Distance ProposalKeeping the message as cute and personal as possible is essential especially if your bestie is far away. You can fill a gift box with bridesmaid’s favorite snacks and beauty products. This shows that you value and remember them.They’ll feel stoked about the gift as well as the proposal that comes along in the package. You should also remember to send them to all the bridesmaids at the same time, so there are no hurt feelings.

Ask in Person

Do you find all the glitz and glam a bit tacky? You’re not alone, and many brides prefer stepping up to their homegirls and asking in person. It doesn’t require a lot of effort, though, you need to craft a sweet, honest and heartfelt message. The message can be a short monologue that explains why that particular candidate has to be part of the wedding party.ConclusionYour bridal party should consist of people that have always been there for you. It’s perfectly natural to feel anxious when proposing to bridesmaids, especially to the maid of honor. But, you need to remember that most of your friends will be eager and ready to step up to the plate. Please remember to bookmark our site for more tips and how-to’s on everything to do with weddings.

10 Creative Ways to Ask, “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?”