7 Trends in Wedding Planning Every Professional Needs to Know



7 Trends in Wedding Planning Every Professional Needs to Know

Are you a wedding planner or considering becoming one? Then you can’t afford to miss out on these wedding planner trends for the new year. A wedding planner must always stay ahead of the game. Your job is to provide clients with unique ideas to make their special day more than they ever dreamed it could be. If you’re looking to score new business this year, these are the wedding planning trends for the new year you need to know.

1. Facial Recognition Technology

The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle was the media event of the year. Sky News used facial recognition technology to identify celebrity guests in their coverage. This may sound like a completely unrealistic plan, but AI like this is available to all.Amazon Rekognition launched in 2016. It is a software program that can identify people immediately. Used by the Royal couple, it is currently available in the USA. Technology like this can identify guests for seating and faces in photos shared on social media. This makes sharing the event with attendees and friends even easier.

3. Create Video Speeches

Not every member of every bridal party will feel comfortable giving a speech in front of a large crowd. These speeches can sometimes go very wrong when someone is nervous, shy, or has a little too much to drink. Video speeches can be much more engaging for the audience. Plus, most people feel more comfortable speaking alone in front of a camera than to a large group.Wedding planner trends this year will have a heavy emphasis on technology. Videos are a perfect fit. Try to include images and video clips of the bride and groom. Use special effects to make an action video or a funny one. A video speech will amaze the guests and provide the couple with a digital memory that will last a lifetime.

4. Incorporate Themes

Theme-weddings are always a big hit every year, but which theme is the question. The traditional wedding is always a crowd-pleaser. But if you have an adventurous couple to work with, a theme can be all the more exciting. Look to popular shows or film franchises. Think Game of Thrones. Or ask the couple for their shared interest. You can incorporate décor, performances, desserts and favors to match the theme. Be sure to work the theme into invitations, as well. This way, guests will be ready for the festivities to come and will be ready to play their part in it.

5. Royal-Inspired Weddings

Royal Weddings have always been an inspiration to millions of brides-to-be each year. No one can get enough of the Royals – the outfits, the décor, the lavish lifestyle. Some trends never go out of style and seeing more royal-inspired weddings is one of them. Start with ornate invitations and Victorian-style venues. gold cutlery, vintage lace, brooches, and plenty of fresh flower displays. Most brides-to-be would love to live out their special day feeling like a real princess.

6. Minimalist Chic

While a detailed Royal wedding is a dream for many, there are always clients on both sides of the spectrum! For every detail-oriented bride, there is one minimalist one. This can include green potted plants in place of flowers for an understated look. Or exposed wooden tables over table linens. Minimalist chic is best with a neutral color palette. Think simple and elegant with the focus always on the couple rather than the décor.

7. Velvet Everything

Velvet is another timeless wedding planning trend for fall/winter planned events. The fabric has already made a huge comeback in fashion. It was only a matter of time before it would work its way into everything else, too. The warm, soft feel of velvet can make almost anything feel more elegant. Velvet can work on invitations, for wedding favors, linens, chair covers, décor and even cake décor. Every table and window draped in velvet will add character and style to your event this year.

7 Trends in Wedding Planning Every Professional Needs to Know