Design a Career You Love as a Wedding and Event Planner



Design a Career You Love as a Wedding and Event Planner

Have you ever dreamed of what it’s like to be a wedding or event planner for exciting, high-profile events?

You might love the idea, but you might also think event planning is impossible for you without connections. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even if you’re starting from scratch, you can learn how to design even the most extravagant events while gaining the experience you need to launch your wedding and event planning business successfully.

Does this sound exciting? If so, read on for a step-by-step guide to getting started as a wedding and event planner.

What is a Wedding and Event Planner?

Wedding planners specialize in designing and organizing the theme, décor, catering, entertainment, and more for weddings and all events associated with them.

Event planners design and implement every detail, from start to finish, of various large-scale events that may include high-profile galas, fundraisers, fashion shows, awards shows, and more.

How To Get Started as a Wedding and Event Planner

If you’re dreaming about becoming a wedding and event planner, first resolve to take action. Stop fantasizing about having a fulfilling career and start designing the business and life you love.

It’s as simple as taking the following steps:

  • Take courses online or locally with a reputable wedding and event planning institute.
  • Learn and build your portfolio while you receive valuable experience with event planning internships for high-profile events.
  • Create your wedding and event planning portfolio.
  • Network at event planning conferences.
  • Create a website and launch your dream business.

Following is a more detailed guide for each step on your journey to becoming a wedding and event planner.

Get a Certificate as a Wedding and Event Planner

Your initial step is learning the skills and knowledge of a successful wedding and event planner. Identify the best educational journey for your lifestyle, schedule, and business goals. Decide whether an online program or college courses better suit your educational needs, as both options are available.

Research wedding and event planning programs online or locally. Be sure to read about the program’s continuing education, graduate success stories, business, and career support – like internship opportunities – to see if it aligns with your vision.

Sign up to get more information and free courses offered. Learn about every option available for study programs, self-study, tuition, and financial aid.

Enroll and start learning how to design a fulfilling career in wedding and event planning that you will fall in love with!

Get Experience with Wedding and Event Planning Internships

Can you imagine assisting event planning with a renowned wedding and event planners like Kevin Lee Weddings, or David Tutera while getting academic credit?

Envision gaining invaluable experience while building your professional portfolio with high-profile events like the New York Fashion Week, Vanderpump Dog Foundation charity gala, and Coachella.

Your #1 priority should be finding a program that will assist you in obtaining valuable wedding and event planning internships. Undoubtedly, career training combined with real-world experience is your best teacher. With internships, you will work on dynamic and glamorous projects from front to back while learning from industry mentors.

How exciting would it be to intern for high-profile, celebrity-filled red carpet events, fashion weeks, charity fundraisers, high-end weddings, and more while making invaluable connections and building your portfolio?

Internships may be directly assisting a mentor planner, like working as a wedding planner’s assistant. Sometimes internships might lead to a job. In addition to gaining immeasurable experience, you also receive academic credit, continuing education units (CEU’s), and a certificate of completion for every internship experience. Additionally, internship experiences can be customized by you to meet your specific career goals within your local market.

Gaining experience with wedding and event planning internships while earning your education is the most valuable asset to launching your successful business post-graduation.

Build Your Wedding and Event Planning Portfolio While You Learn

The on-the-job training you receive from internships enables you to fill your portfolio with world-class, high-end events tailored to your specific event planning business goals – before you even launch your business!

Your wedding and event planning portfolio should include, but might not be limited to:

  • Certificates and education
  • Client testimonials
  • References
  • Your biography and photo
  • Before and after photos of the events you designed or helped create
  • Press clippings
  • Agreements and contracts
  • Timelines
  • Inspiration boards
  • Budget templates
  • List of services
  • And your client success stories!

Your professional portfolio is the key to launching your dream wedding and event planning business with momentum.

 Design a Career You Love as a Wedding and Event Planner

Network for Wedding and Event Job Opportunities

Each internship opens up new doors for you with industry connections that may lead to future events and in some cases a job. Who you meet and know matters but who knows you, and your work, matters even more.

In addition to internships, event planning conferences are excellent opportunities for networking and finding event job opportunities or clients near you. Get together your portfolio, website, and event planning business cards and be prepared to promote your business as a wedding and event planner.

Launch Your Dream Business as a Wedding and Event Planner

Lastly, your website will be your calling card as a wedding and event planner. It includes your online portfolio that displays your event planning expertise and experience.

Your website should include many of the portfolio elements listed above like testimonials, before and after photos, client success stories, and your bio. However, your website can also display video clips, press footage, video or written client testimonials and stories, and even a blog with event planning advice to leverage you as a go-to industry expert.

With your education, internship experience, portfolio, and website complete – all that’s left is to launch your business to the world and enjoy your dream career as a wedding and event planner.

Design a Career You Love as a Wedding and Event Planner
Design a Career You Love as a Wedding and Event Planner