How to Use Pinterest to Enhance Your Business



How to Use Pinterest to Enhance Your Business

In September 2018, Pinterest had 250 million monthly active users and 175 billion pins on three billion virtual pinboards. It is a premier platform to visually represent your company and to ensure maximum exposure for your products.

Set up Your Pinterest Account

Sign up: You can create an account on Pinterest from their website or through their app, by using your Facebook account, Google account, or your email address.

Create your profile: Your username will be on the URL of your Pinterest page ( Your account name will be displayed on your Pinterest page.

Pinterest will prompt you to choose a few topics of interest and suggest people you can follow, based on them. You can change or add any of your profile information and edit your notification settings later.

Create boards: Create and name your pinboards by clicking on your username and then on the red Add button. Make at least one board before you save pins. Every board should have a distinct topic that suits your business category.

Create pins: You can either add an original pin to the board or re-pin someone else’s content.

  • To create a pin, go to your profile, click the Plus button, and choose Create Pin. Drag and drop or click to upload your image. Add a description and the URL you want to link the pin to, click Choose a board, then click Select next to one of your boards in the menu, and Save.
  • If you have installed the Pin It button in your browser, you can save content while browsing, by clicking the red P on your browser. Select the image you want to save and the board to include it to from the screen that pops up. You can also create a new board for it.
  • If you haven’t installed the browser button, click the Plus sign from your profile to access Create Pin and the rest of the instructions.
  • You can also add pins via the Pin It button found among social share buttons.
  • You can re-pin someone else’s image on Pinterest, by hovering your mouse over it and using the save button that appears.

Pinterest Business Account

Business accounts provide more credibility to your brand image and have more features, such as Pinterest Analytics and Ads Manager.

You can create a business account in two ways.

Create a separate business account: Log out from your personal account. Go to Fill out your work email address, password and business name. Select a business type, and click Create account.

Convert personal account to business account: Log in to your personal account. Click the three dots. Then click ‘Upgrade Now’ in the ‘Get a free business account’ box. Fill in necessary details to create the account.

Promoting Your Business

  • Brand your business account with an apt photo and description.
  • Make your account public and all your boards searchable.
  • Search for people or boards related to your business, follow them, and interact with them.
  • Optimize your pins using relevant keywords and search phrases.
  • Make group boards for topics of audience interest.
  • Join group boards and participate actively.
  • Inform people that your business is on Pinterest.
  • Remain active on Pinterest to increase exposure.
How to Use Pinterest to Enhance Your Business