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Student Spotlight - Nicole Vecchioni

Student Spotlight – Nicole Vecchioni

by Lovegevity | Jul 8 | Student Spotlight | 0 comments

Please introduce yourself and your journey leading up to becoming a wedding planner?

Hello! I’m Nicole Vecchioni, a Certified Wedding & Event Planner and alumni of Lovegevity’s Wedding Planning Institute. I discovered my passion for planning events after being on a board of directors for a non-profit organization and planning fundraising events, galas and dinner parties, which also lead me to eventually planning my own wedding. I have always had a knack for organization and leadership, and find that these strengths are instrumental in running my own business as a wedding planner and event manager.

What made you decide to enroll in the Certified Wedding & Event Planning course?

When I started looking for business opportunities, I knew that event planning was going to be something I would love. I wanted to get a better education and strengthen my knowledge to offer to my clients, which brought me to the internet to read reviews about different wedding planner certification programs. I found Lovegevity and was so pleased with the classes, internships and connections that I made while I was a student.

Many people encounter challenges along their journey to success, what challenges or roadblocks are part of your story and how did you overcome them?

I think that dealing with a variety of people can be challenging in any industry, but even more so in event and wedding planning. Because our clients are under so much stress, many challenges I face are upset clients because something they’ve planned isn’t as they’d envisioned prior to the day, or something has come up with a vendor, throwing off their vision. I work to make sure that I overcome those issues, by remaining calm, confident, and organized, and use my negotiation skills to contact the vendors and make the client happy with the resolution. Making our clients happy is my number one priority, and to do that, it requires me to think strategically about solutions, remain patient and assure my client that I have their best interests in mind, and I will work hard to resolve the issue so their day is as perfect as they’d envisioned!

What part of the Master Class workshop with Kevin Lee did you enjoy most?

Since I was on the intern side, I was truly grateful to have an opportunity to assist with the flow of the event. It was so lovely to be able to see the guests enjoying the atmosphere, cuisine, and programs offered by Kevin and Cho. I am always looking for an opportunity to work with other professionals to network and also learn new ways to tackle different situations so that I am better prepared for the next event. It was an honor being a part of the intern team!

Tell us about your experience meeting and learning from Kevin Lee?

Kevin is a visionary – from flowers to business motivation, he has the know-how that only years of experience can offer. I learned how to market myself and my business to a higher class clientele, charging what I am worth, and not settling for just any event. I am empowered to be a better event planner, business owner and powerful woman!

What are your future plans for your wedding planner career?

I have built my brand and continue to market myself in the San Diego market. I have a degree in marketing, so I feel that that lends a hand to make sure my business shines in a sea of other planners in southern California. I believe that with the proper advertising, networking and prior client reviews, in 5 years time, my business will be thriving. Additionally, I would love to have the opportunity to continue interning at different events, from Los Angeles to San Diego, to sharpen my skills and meet new people. I would love to eventually be able to teach a course at a community college as well, if the opportunity ever arose near me.

If hired to work on an upcoming project with Kevin Lee and his team, what is your “super power” or the biggest value you bring to the project?

Hands down – charisma. I am a people person, and I believe that my personality is contagious, both with my clients and their guests. I am incredibly organized and with the addition of my bubbly can-do personality, I can engage and work alongside anyone. I make people feel welcome, excited about their day, and calm knowing that everything is handled. I take pride in my positive attitude and hope that it shines through at every event!

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Student Spotlight - Nicole Vecchioni