Student Spotlight - Zeng Fang Chang


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Student Spotlight - Zeng Fang Chang

“I would like to have my own bridal one-stop shop that will include wedding planning, bridal dress design, photo shooting studio, floral design, and (ultimately) own a ballroom in my hometown Malaysia. The knowledge I learned could be used in many ways, not only for event planning, and also in marketing, management, business industry. I will start to earn my bachelor degree this fall, and I am taking entrepreneurship study and from my research, what I learned from assignment 4.6 will be useful for my degree study. Hence, I will use what I learned from this course for my college study.”

What 3 things would you like to share about yourself?

1. I come from a multicultural country.

2. I like romance novelist.

3. I have a love for design.

Why did you enroll in the Certified Wedding and Event Planning and Design Programs?

I want to own a one-stop wedding business, which included wedding planning, wedding dress design, photo shooting studio, floral shop and a ballroom.

What was the inspiration for this project?

My husband and I are Chinese and now we live in the USA. So I would like to design a wedding suitable for the Chinese who live in America.

What did you find to be the most challenging?

I think the most challenging was searching for vendor information. It’s a lot of work.

What was your favorite part?

I really enjoyed choosing the atmosphere of the event, as it takes a lot of effort to get it just right.

What was the biggest take-away you learned?

To create an event, the most important thing is to place yourself in the situation. Imagine you are the bride. When you are exciting, you will create the best event.

What advice do you have for anyone planning to start a career in wedding and event planning?

Love every part related to the wedding. Not only on planning, but also the photograph, floral design, music selected, and more.

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Student Spotlight - Zeng Fang Chang