Weddings in Monaco: A Day Fit for Royalty



Weddings in Monaco: A Day Fit for Royalty

Your wedding is the biggest day of your life – it’s the day that you and your beloved become one in heart and in spirit. Of course, there’s the usual aspects of every wedding: flower girl, ring bearer, bridesmaids, your father walking you down the aisle. But your wedding doesn’t have to follow traditional standards. It is your wedding, after all – make it your own by adding touches that speak to who you are, and who you are together as a couple.

He’s your Prince Charming, and though you might not be a princess, that doesn’t mean you can’t pretend for a day! First, it was Grace Kelly, then Diana Spencer, and more recently, Meghan Markle has graced us with inspiration for a wedding in Monaco like a princess would have. What ideas can you glean from a royal wedding?

The Cake

The dessert after the nuptials will take center stage – especially if it’s multi-tiered like Grace Kelly’s. Her prince began to slice a piece when two turtledoves took flight from inside the cake. Imagine the moment! And, of course, you don’t have to be quite this outrageous, so what’s a good number of layers? The experts at Lavender and Rose say five tiers are the minimum for a cake that makes a royal statement.

The Flowers

When Princess Kate arrived for her big day, she sported a bridal bouquet of lilies of the valley. These flowers are timeless and sweetly scented. You can opt for a traditional arrangement, or you can choose to have your bridal bouquet designed by the same florist who designed Princess Charlene’s bouquet in Monaco, Perrine Guyonnet.

The Photos

Grace Kelly was movie royalty before she became a princess. Her most iconic film was made along the winding roads of Monaco’s Riviera. Stopping for photos at Grand Corniche in Eze could make for some photo classics with the Mediterranean Sea as an incredible backdrop. Or, arrive as Grace did and have your photo taken as you speed by in a Porsche Speedster, your scarf trailing in the wind.

Then, of course, you’ll need food and a venue. All across Monaco, there are vendors who have provided these services to the royal family who could add that royal vibe to your big day.

And while you might not be able to get into the palace, there’s a multitude of venues that will make you feel like a queen no less, such as Hotel Hermitage or Hotel de Paris.

It doesn’t matter what leads up to, or what comes after, you saying your nuptials – your wedding will be perfect because it’s your wedding! And what better way to celebrate than in the footsteps of royalty?

Weddings in Monaco: A Day Fit for Royalty