Why Having an Unplugged Wedding is a Good Choice



Why Having an Unplugged Wedding is a Good Choice

Most couples dream of having the perfect wedding ceremony set in a mesmeric venue. Marriage is nothing short of a magical experience for couples, realized from the precious time and effort invested in the prep work. Dream wedding settings can occur anywhere, ranging from scenic beaches to gothic churches, or even in the middle of a mystical desert.

Guests, of course, are the treasured folks who are as indispensable as the venue. They’re the ones who make your affair unforgettable…for better or for worse. Things may go south.

Picture what happens when your guests start spoiling the atmosphere with disruptive flash photography from their smartphones? Or imagine your friends glued to WhatsApp while you’re exchanging romantic vows with your significant other.

This goes against everything that you’ve planned – those professional photographers (who cost a fortune) you hired are constantly squeezing in a shot or two, thanking the heavens for each lucky angle from amidst the chaos.

This is certainly no way to celebrate your big day!

We believe prevention is way better than cure. Thus, we’ve narrowed down to 3 great reasons why unplugged weddings are your best bet at an incredibly fulfilling celebration.

Why Having an Unplugged Wedding is a Good Choice

What is an Unplugged Wedding?

There has been a marked increase in the usage of social media toward documenting and broadcasting a person’s daily activities, especially in recent years. Micro-blogging, chat platforms, and ephemeral content are becoming essential items (like toothpaste) in the connected world.

Enter unplugged weddings – zero network zones that temporarily nullifies any form of social addiction.

In such settings, esteemed guests are kindly informed to turn off all electronic devices such as phones, and tablets as the attendees are ‘unplugged’ or disconnected from technology. in particular, the use of social media to document the ceremony. In an unplugged ceremony, guests are encouraged to refrain from taking photos or videos.

The advantages? Guests will be tuned out from the distractions about the latest hashtags, vines, Facebook wall updates, tweets, and more. Remember, technology has already dominated most of our lives – it is time that you regained control – your wedding is the ideal moment to do just that.

Why Having an Unplugged Wedding is a Good Choice

Enjoying the Moment

You’re the VVIP of the show – couples deserve to make their money’s worth by ensuring things go as planned. Many wonderful heroes were involved in the planning of the event, we’re talking stylists, photographers, videographers, makeup artists, decor vendors, and so on. Although they were technically hired and paid, their efforts should not go in vain.

With mobile phones switched off, there will be zero distractions. Your guests will be able to fully appreciate everything, right from your resplendent gown to that exotic table runner that you picked out to fit your harem banquet theme. When a bride owns the aisle, she’ll very much prefer to see familiar faces expressing their happiness and not rows of smartphones and flashes.

Always remember that your beloved guests are there to celebrate your union. So, it is important to create a conducive environment for everyone to bask in the moment. It is imperative to remove all pressure and distraction of posting regular live updates on social media feeds. Inform your guests that you’ve hired professionals to capture the key moments (i.e. exchange of vows and matrimonial kiss). An unplugged wedding enables guests to be physically and mentally present to welcome the next beautiful chapter of the couples’ lives.

Why Having an Unplugged Wedding is a Good Choice

Having Quality Conversations

Many couples face a lot of anxiety and stress to ensure that every aspect of the wedding is perfectly set. This morbid fear and uncertainty often stem from things-to-do such as logistics, food preps. and decorative arrangements. Quality conversations with guests will ensure that it was all worth it. There are few things more satisfying than witnessing the genuine joy of your attendees.

Disengagement from social media improves eye contact, which encourages guests and the couple to have quality conversations that strengthen, validate and affirm relationships, especially with distant relatives.

With an unplugged wedding, couples can focus more on their loved ones, catching up on the latest happenings, face-to-face, through a uniquely human experience.

Why Having an Unplugged Wedding is a Good Choice

Letting the Professionals Work their Magic

There is an excellent reason why couples spend so much money on engaging professional photographers for their wedding. Penny pinchers could always rely on ‘guest photographers’ for FOC photographs but this is unheard of, simply because the quality is a must for such an inimitable occasion.

Skilled photographers are equipped with years of experience, along with professional equipment that produce stunning images. As the stars of the wedding, the couple should encourage guests to stay unplugged, relying solely on the photographers to capture official photos of their big day. If attendees wish to bring home mementos, they can get their photos taken at the instant photo booth, or wait for the official photos to be released after the wedding.

As cordially invited guests, their only task is to have fun, and not being glued to their phones, or interfering with the work of the hired pros. Imagine how disappointed you’d be if your images were ruined because the guests were photobombing every frame.

Unplugged weddings guarantee the unsullied quality of the photos taken during the ceremony while expressing trust in the photographers who were hired to turn every shot into a dreamy scene.

Why Having an Unplugged Wedding is a Good Choice

Here’s to a Fulfilling Wedding!

A fulfilling and memorable wedding should enable both guests and the couple to take a step back and disconnect from the virtual world. It is a special event where everyone involved should cherish the opportunity to reconnect with the ones who truly matter while trusting the professionals to deliver as promised.

It is all about having a good time in the presence of beloved friends and family and creating memories that will last a lifetime. An unplugged wedding may not create the perfect experience that meets your greatest expectations, but it certainly trims out the odd ends that are likely to ruin the celebration. Above all else, anniversaries will come and go, but couples will always have a special place in their hearts for that defining day that started it all.

Why Having an Unplugged Wedding is a Good Choice